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June 17, 2008


John O'Fee

Well Arjun, I managed to cycle up the St. Paul St. trail and made it as far as Grandview Terrace before the legs gave out. I think I should try to get on the bike more often and set cycling home up the hill as a personal goal.


Way to go gentlemen! BTWW is a good place to start.

Just think of the money you could save...

Dan Cavani


I find it amusing that you try to portray yourself as the "North Shore Guy" with the social conscience.

Let's face it - you have never had to make any of the difficult decisions that many people living in Kamloops (and every where else for that matter) are forced to make every day.

You have always ridden on your father's coattails and have enjoyed his financial backing.

Do yourself and the people of Kamloops a favour; get a real job, support yourself (and if you may ever be so fortunate your family) pay the taxes and other ridiculous money grabs you support and see what is left over at month end. You will find that your iditotic and misguided priorities do not pass the reality check.

You are a spoiled kid who has never had to deal with the realities of everyday life. Spare us your poorly considered drivel and your useless musings.

In my opinion, you are an idiot and you should keep that in mind prior to making your next comment or posting.

If you feel so strongly about dealing with the world's problems, get yourself on the next flight to China and dig in for the next decade or so. I'm guessing you are too fat and happy for that kind of work.

Ryan Sparks

Dear John & Argun;

Bravo; great exposure for www.yourkamloops.com in “Kamloops This Week” over the weekend, debating who is tracking postings, IP addresses, and what is appropriate submission content - from whom?

Keep your chin up.

Kind regards,
Ryan Sparks

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