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February 13, 2014


Jim Moorhead

The big 'media factor' here is the 36% increase figure, when actually only a 1 year increase of 8.9% with a deployment of a public duty officer into the domestic violence area. It's hard to say what the impact that the newly deployed officer had. I feel we should continue with the existing force and the deployment strategy to see if it can be reduce or hold the line at the 8.9% figure. I feel it's very hard to justify an officer for the $148K amount to at best case reduce the yearly climb? I do support addressing domestic violence, but unfortunately I feel the methods used and the justice system don't seem to support addressing the real cause. Police are constantly appearing at calls that are often just a repeated offence, and powerless to do much to stop the repetition. Thus I wonder 'how much' of the 8.9% increase is repeated offences at the same addresses. Bottom line I can't support bringing an additional officer for this price tag, nor should council. The first thing I feel the RCMP have to work with the justice system to reduce the violence with a more effective program to stem the tide. Thus they should work with existing officers and present a better business case next year. I also would like to see a figure on what percent repetitive calls are in the current workload. This indicates our 'system' is not working if the percentage is high.

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