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January 30, 2006


Gerry McRae

On this, my 76th birthday, I announce that one of your citizens has just released print versions of my two business books:
Time Management for Entrepreneurs
Business Plan Writing 101.

No awards or proclamations, please. Just send cash.

Sherry Chamberlain

Arjun, keeping us posted on these issues is great. Keep up the good work.

On garbage issues, are we going to be able to buy these cans at a reasonable price, or will City be renting these to us?

ernie  beadle


Just wanted to touch basis with you and say that your email blast to the people of Kamloops and keeping them informed on what is happening in ocuncil is a great asset to you and I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work. You are the first councillor to undertake such a project to the best of my knowledge and it speaks well of your intentions to keep in touch with the voters, thanks again.


Jason Johnson

Keep up the good work, Arjun. It's great to see Kamloops modernize itself in the field of sanitation. A clean Kamloops is a great Kamloops!

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