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April 20, 2006



Re: seniors advocacy.

Seniors advocacy (re: welfare, federal income supplement programs, affordable housing, abuse, etc) is badly needed.

I would first ask: how can the provincial agency putting forth the current proposal work with or under the Seniors Information and Referral Service, a local agency whose volunteers have worked long and hard to build related resources?

Don't let another agency pull the rug out from under this one. The City should invite the new one to partner with SIRRS.

Many funders have the poor habit of funding a new, more glamourous, or project from elsewhere while ignoring the effective volunteers who have slogged away for years to build resources. This justifiably frustrates and disallusions badly needed, dedicated volunteers.

If the city is considering supporting a senior's advocacy center, great! But where a local group is already trying to do that, support that.

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