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July 17, 2006


D Law

Your motion was important. An exercise in frustration? Yes, also that --you are on *Kamloops* Council after all --it is not one well versed in democracy.

Even though it was voted down, it is important that you are standing up for democracy. It may lead to eventual change. (Even if it doesn't, one must do what one can.)

Thank you for believing in 'the common citizen' and for taking these stands.

Mike Maddison

Definitely a good and important motion in the support of a democratic environment. Democracy has it's positives and negatives much like anything in our world, and one of which is that councils are expected to represent the people. Your motion clearly indicates and reflects the people of Kamloops' desire to be represented.

The fact the motion was voted down is understandable. As a business person, I understand that there are many times when we just need to cut to the chase and get things done. Too much time spent deliberating and consulting can bring any process to a halt, resulting in an inability to grow and adapt to the changing needs of our people.

Effectively balancing what issues need to be consulted with citizens and what issues must be handled solely by the elected representatives is dangerous, but it is necessary. I am happy to know that you would put forth an appropriate motion on behalf of us citizens.

Norris L

We need to start building up , we are quickly running out of room . the is not the 1840's anymore and alot of people need to see that .

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