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July 20, 2006


David Manchester

I agree completely that the agressive tournament capital branding may not be the wisest marketing plan for the city. However, I wish I could share your optimism about the wisdom of the whole project. It seems to me that capital projects like these in a city like Kamloops only make sense if they bring significant long term benefits. A series of building projects concentrated in the downtown core, facillitating core redevelopment, for instance, might have brought a far richer payoff (with fewer attached maintenance and marketing costs, mind). Maple Ridge went this way a few years ago with their civic complex, and they're soon to get a new bus station - developments that have rejuvenated a once crime-ridden section of town.

On a sort of related point, could I suggest that you ask your fellow councillors to pay some serious attention to what the city's doing with the planned development cost levy increase? I'm sure that staff has already looked carefully at the issue, but as a councillor, you'd have to be pretty confident about builders' confidence in the Kamloops marker before you could justify taking measures to make Kamloops a lot less competitive. Higher cost levies may actually bring in fewer dollars if they result in fewer starts, and surrender a competitive edge to Okanagan cities, or to cities in the Fraser Valley.

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