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May 27, 2007


Mayor Quimby

That op ed did seem a wee bit over the top.


Will he be as indignant when everyone else's expense reports come out? Will he be demanding to know what every other Councillor did on every single one of their trips? Or is he just a lazy writer picking on you because you have a blog and dare to fess up to everyone about what you are doing?

David Wise

Arjun, you were elected on a platform of enhancing openness and transparency in civic government and in introducing new ways to enhance the democratic process. It sounds to me like you are following the mandate that you were given and doing your best to realize what you originally set out to do. Whether anyone agrees or disagrees with your methodology, at least you're being true to the spirit of your intentions.

For what its worth, it sounds like you did pick up some valuable tips from the conference, and if even one of those ideas can be implemented, it's already a benefit. I like the idea of a moderated online discussion forum on civic issues, but I'm sure there are many more tips out there that we could learn from. I wouldn't fret to much about the editorial - beyond that he is right, in that the benefit back to the taxpayer does have to be realized and money always needs to be spent with an eye on what the cost-benefit would be to the city as a whole.

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