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May 03, 2007


Mayor Quimby


Off topic but what are your thoughts on the Moneysense survey of best places to live in Canada and Kamloops getting #99. Is it wrong or is it a tool to improve Kamloops ?

Also, The Y home lottery and KIB scandal. Do you have any thoughts on this ?

Sorry to be off topic but I look forward to your reply.

Mike Maddison

Do you have any links to reports or information on this topic?



I am really happy to hear you had an inspiring day. That's so crucial to keeping one's spirit up and staying in the game!



I was hoping for more information regarding the buisness community and homelessness committee meeting you attended. If you would please email me any info you have on this topic it would be hugely appreciated. As a buisness owner on the North Shore I see the homeless issue every day. It would be great to learn more and take some initiative into helping solve this issue. Thank you

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