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May 21, 2007


Mayor Quimby

Does Nancy Bepple support anything or is she head of the NIMBY gang ?


Nancy Bepple actively supports lots of great stuff: active neighbourhoods; public access; democracy; green initiatives; inclusion and access; jobs for all through enhancing our important tech and agricultural sectors; partnerships; housing; safety; transit; affordable living; broadening the tax base; attracting more young people and businesses to Kamloops; etc. I think she's all about balance and foresight. She has lots of very sound ideas that are just ripe for Kamloops to harvest.

To get a sense of what she supports, and to read her solid, innovative ideas, click on the "what will I do" links at her 2005 campaign page www.nancybepple.com/p/issues

That page, and her aligned activities, is why I voted for her.

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