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May 28, 2007


Matt Skelly

I would have to say Jim is more on the mark with this than you Mr. Singh.

To suggest that you can justify your trip to NY was needed to discover the power of the internet is a very weak arguement. You obviously have significant insight into this medium already with your elaborate, and somewhat redundant website.

I wonder how much of your time is directed to this as opposed to your duties as councillor?


Jordan Bateman

Totally unrelated, Arjun, but I wanted to pass this along to you and the youngsters that first suggested it to your council. Can you pass along this news to those folks?

From my report on last night's Langley Township Council meeting:

"My motion asking TransLink to consider following Kamloops's lead and offer free transit to anyone with a voter's card on election day passed unanimously (seconded by Fox). It will now go to the TransLink Board for their consideration."


Mickael Maddison

Matt - I've been following this blog since it was first launched and have found it a valuable and mostly effective way to keep updated on what's happening at council. Your suggestion that Arjun's efforts to keep myself and many other readers updated is somehow contrary to his duties as a city councilor doesn't seem to make much sense.

Is it not dutiful, even democratic, of Arjun to keep us informed?


I would like to extend a hats off to Mr. Singh for his outstanding methods and "out of the box" thinking. I think perhaps people mis-understand the concept of utilizing new "net technology". This is not simply browsing the internet as Matt has implied it is utilizing new techniques, applications and methods of extending ones reach into the public and making it easier for the end user to interact with various officials, documents and vital information.
Kudos to you Arjun for being innovative in your approach, keep up the great work!

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