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June 11, 2007


Bradley Kerr

I think it is silly for Nancy Bepple and others to be making such a fuss over a parking lot. The Save Public Waterfront group is trying to mislead people into thinking that lot is more than it is. It is time for the Kamloops city council to think of the future and allow Kamloops to become the great city that it should have become fifteen years ago.

There is a reason why Kamloops is looked down upon by alot of other communities and people around British Columbia and Canada and that is because the mayors and the councils constantly back down to small special-interest groups who wish to see Kamloops as a small 'cowboy ranching town'.

I for one believe that in order for this city to thrive and achieve the next step in its evolution we need to be pro-growth . It is nice to remember the past but let's not continue to live in the past.

Albert Gabriel

First of all I would like to say that I am opposed to the hotel at the water front, there is no need for it to be there. I have not heard of the alternative locations, where are they? Does it have to be on the south side of the river? Why not put it where the Henry Gube Center is??? It would have a better view of the downtown and Riverside Park. Also, there could be a boardwalk constructed on the dike with concessions and gift shops for the summer tourist and locals. A few stairways down to the beach, and a cement pool like they used to have in Stanley Park years ago. These are just thoughts but I think they are good ones.


Hi Arjun,

Just wanted to say I am disappointed that no one from council was at the North Shore Planning Open House today.....

Not as much interest in those of us on the wrong side of the river I guess.

Arjun Singh

Hello Bonnie - just emailed you, but also wanted to leave a response here that I was planning to attend the open house but was invited by my parents for dinner at their place. They have been out of town for a while. Sorry for not being at the event.

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