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July 07, 2007



Hi Arjun,

How do you get on this planning council? This has been bothering me for some time... The plan seems very 'business interests' heavy. I have tried before to form a North Shore Community Group and I'm very interested in getting a community group going. Maybe by working with the NSBIA??? I'd love to chat with someone about this... can you suggest who I should talk to?

Arjun Singh

Hello Bonnie,

Thanks for your comment!

I would love to help you get a north shore community group going. Like I said in the post, we do I believe have a balance of interests around the north shore plan table. A couple of our non business members have been away the past few months. But, I think the work is still pretty well rounded.

You can talk to Clint Anderson at the city of Kamloops - 828 3311 - about starting a community group. I would also be happy to talk with you about it. It is always good to talk to the NSBIA. You can also talk to the folks behind the McDonald Park community association.


Thanks Arjun! Have a great week!

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