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July 07, 2007



I loved what I read in the paper recently. I know there are often errors in news reports, and I may be recalling some of the details incorrectly, but I hope it is true that a program has been created to provide work to sex trade workers and other marginalized people that is (a) flexible, some part time and some full time, (b) visually enhancing the North Shore (container gardens), (c) often experienced as both low-key and actively healing (gardening), and (d) allowing workers to keep some of the earnings on top of their welfare payments, providing a more livable income in a transition to a safer trade.

This solution seems to be a wonderful partnership providing a variety of benefits to all parties.


And to answer your post :)

I think one way to reduce the emotionalism and focus on solutions is to set a time limit to each person's presentation. Each person can present as often as they wish, but only after every one in the room has had a chance in each round. One minute per person per round should get people focusing their presentation time on their proposed solution. Record only the solutions.

Gisela Ruckert

Despite much wishful thinking, the sex trade is not going to go away. Therefore it should be legalized and regulated to protect those involved in it. Until then, any changes we can make at the community level will be minimal, IMHO. Let's get a few more enlightened and pragmatic councillors and citizens to take a controversial stand and lobby the federal government for change, because they are the only ones who have the power to change the laws that govern this so-called "criminal activity".

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