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August 07, 2007


Ken McClelland

Arjun, I don't think your comments indicating that it really wouldn't be the end of the world if Domtar closed down because the economy is good and those people could find new jobs with no trouble, are very productive. Domtar employees have houses, mortgages, kids in sports, etc., not to mention spouses working for other companies in our community. I agree that their emissions permit work should be monitored closely, but not at the expense of losing this good corporate citizen and the significant contribution they make to our local tax base. That, too, would be a pretty big hole to fill in the municipal budget. While the mill was operated by Weyerhaeuser, they made substantial donations in the way of sponsorships, gifts and grants to many worthy organizations in our community. Lets not forget about that for the sake of not meeting the letter of the emissions permit under a pre-determined time-line that does not account for varying economic conditions. All has not been rosy in the world of pulp and paper production for several years, and prices have only recently started to once again allow a modest profit.

Gisela Ruckert

I agree with your comments, although sounding like you advocate a mill closure is unfortunate! I have long been disgusted by the "smell of money" in Kamloops. When I moved here in 2000, I was told that I'd only notice the odour a few days a year. Evidently, longer-term residents must develop a reduced sensitivity to the smell, because I notice it a few days a month. I understand that the pulp mill provides good jobs and a significant contribution to the tax base, but I also think people should factor in the cost to the city in smelling like boiled cabbage on a regular basis. I agree that Domtar should have to pay penalties for non-compliance, and the excuse that they just recently bought it is no excuse at all -- the deadlines were in place when they purchased the mill and the due diligence process they went through prior to the purchase would clearly have identified this issue as a factor. My fear is that they will be granted a cheap extension, then sell it again when time runs out, and the whole scenario will repeat itself. Not acceptable.

please do not shut down our economy, make it more efficient. thank you.

Joe from the loops.

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