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September 14, 2007



EnCorp does list a depot location for Ewaste. The two links below provide a FAQ's page and the current location within Kamloops.




Where will the meeting be? I will post it to www.soundkamloops.org


Are these meetings ongoing? I would be interested in attending:)

Karen Nakano

I was at Nature's Fare yesterday and was told that their "plastic" bags are not "plastic" at all. They are bio-degradable and made from corn starch, which supposedly breaks down in three months. Why are these grocery bags not mandatory? If it is simply a cost factor that prevents grocery and retail stores from using them, why can't the public absorb the cost of the luxury of "throw-a-way" bags if they don't want to bring their own re-usable bags to the store when they shop? Also, I am not aware that these corn starch bags are available to the public in the form of garbage liners or leaf bags. Shouldn't these bags be mandatory for the environment or at least available to the general public for environmentally safe household usage? Please contact Nature's Fare about their innovative plastic replacement bags to find out how EVERYONE can participate in the use of "biodegradable" bags. Considering the tremendous damage plastic bags cost our environment and the toll they take on our wildlife, it's ludicrous NOT to switch to a safe corn starch alternative! Kudos to Nature's Fare!!!

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