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October 02, 2007


Mayor Quimby

First it was the smokers, I wasn't a smoker so I said nothing.

Then it was ...

Who will we vilify next ?


It takes a lot of heart and a lot of gusto to public state you skrewed up. Nobody should condem you for it. I am a non smoker myself and I also agree with Maoy Quimby's comment. But again, I think it is a matter of public health that will save our public health care system money by creating prevention. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Public input and debate is neccary.

Mayor Quimby

Save money? Maybe 100% of tobacco and alcohol tax should go directlt to healthcare?

Smokers pay for their care many times over in $10 packs.


Smokers pay for their care because it's $10 a pack? That is a ridiculous statement. The cost to Canadians for the effects of tobacco consumption are astronomical. DO you have any idea what the cancer clinic in Kelowna cost to build and costs to operate? The Provincial Health Authority spends over $1 Billion dollars on cancer care and research. I would fully support a ban. It sickens me to walk my children through clouds of smoke on Victoria street, street corners and the sidewalk at Norkam.

Peter Milobar seemed to think no business owner would support a ban like this. What a sad, sad thought.

First it was the smokers? Thank God for that.

Mayor Quimby

Who's next Bonnie?
The Jews? The Muslims? Sikhs?

Even though car exhaust is worse or the Domtar stack, should we start banning everything unhealthy? What is left?

It seems society needs someone to be the bad guy/gal.
So, who's next?

Mickael Maddison

Well as a non-smoker I can say I avoid patio's at restaurants as I can't stand sitting next to a smoker while I eat. So they say I discriminate against smokers by blatantly being anti-smoking - yet my freedoms are being shoved aside if there are no restrictions or guidelines.

Then there's the whole environment issue. Smoking is unhealthy. That's not fiction, it's fact. Unhealthy things don't necessarily harm everyone that does them, but when something is so clearly unhealthy we should really WANT our governments to do something to help us quit. That includes junk food (of which I am slowly learning to live with less of myself).

When we know something is bad and we know there's an alternative that is reasonably achievable, we must seek to achieve it. Domtar CAN reduce their emmissions. Cars "CAN" be used less or use alternate energy sources. That nice green lawn down the road really doesn't need to be so green does it?

We must not prejudice ourselves against one another wherever possible; we know that is very bad. We must also stand up for one another, even if that means sometimes we stand against each other for our mutual benefit.

Descriminating against races is never mutually beneficial. Descriminating against smoking in public places IS mutually beneficial, even if the smoker doesn't want to butt out.

Mayor Quimby

Yes, everyone can rationalize their own discriminatory practices, even the most prolific offenders.


Yes, aren't we terribly discriminatory... We have laws against pedophiles, murderers, terrorists, gosh - even bad dogs. How do we sleep....

Smokers aren't a culture, race, religious group... and your religious practices don't harm me or my family. Blowing carcinogens at us does.

Mayor Quimby

You get on with your self-righteousness, you go!

Arjun Singh

I encourage everyone to keep it respectful and productive in the comments. We may have different views, but I hope you come here to open your minds to others, as well as for other reasons.

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