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July 04, 2008



I voted for you in the last city electon, but am having second thoughts this time around. Before you started you knew not everyone would agree with you. In this business you have to have a thick skin and be able to ignore some comments. It is like having hecklers at a meeting. You are too much about you, and not enough about the job you were elected to do. In my opinion you are acting like a child and you need to grow up.

Jim Nauss

I believe I will vote for you this election. I am not a big fan of John O'Fee or Terry Lake. I also do not like Lake's use of office to publicly chastise a member of council for having opinions.

By the by, I think this forum is good, but anonymous forums are not necessarily the best option as it leaves the door open for certain people with agendas to abuse the system. Registering personal information while using a made up user name is the norm now for most businesses.

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