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June 09, 2009


Christopher Foulds

Well, if nothing else, at least the kid has good taste in beer!


Why is a beer in public so alarming?
Many jurisdictions in the world allow consumption of alcohol in public. We just need to get over our moralistic attitudes.

Bridge Sanderson

yes my friend be afraid of the under age drinker` I never drank underage?? did you??? It is funny how we put the politicians in place that "seem" to do no wrong. Later to find out that they had a worse habit.
do not buy them booze but maybe take a small listen to what that kid has said he/she may make some sence.

Arjun Singh

Quimby, I don't have a huge problem with beer in public typically. But, I think a lot of people do. I certainly think the downtown transit exchange is not an appropriate place for public consumption of alcohol...makes too many other people feel very uncomfortale, and that's a problem.

Bridge, you make some good points. I drank underage, yes. I do think its very important to listen to younger people, but again I think the transit exchange is a wrong place to consume alcohol.

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