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June 11, 2009



It's because they are too lazy to research and write their own stuff and just copy straight from the press release. CFJC is a joke, there an E! channel for Christ's sake.


You called it as you saw it back when this hit the fan last time around - and here you are being proven correct!

I have to agree... an extension to a deadline is one thing and it could be understandable on some levels. To me this is clearly an attempt at circumventing the issue. Certainly with the economic issues facing Domtar's industry I can understand their desire to delay investing in upgrades however at the end of the day we want to breathe cleaner air now, not after 7 more years.

Arjun Singh

Quimby, disagree that CFJC is a joke. While I was surprised by the Domtar story above, I really appreciate their reporting 95% of the time.



I hope many people will go out to the open house. I believe Domtar should have to do the work now and receive no more extensions. Blaming the economic situation is just a stall- 6 more years to get emissions levels to where they should be is not acceptable.


James Peters

Hey Arjun,

I wrote the story printed here, and I stand by it. It's a fair representation of what Domtar says it plans to do, and neither endorses nor trashes the company's plans. As you know, we are limited in how much we can include in a single story, simply by our format. There will be plenty more opportunity to convey the views of the Ministry of Environment, community stakeholders, critics and cheerleaders.

I'd echo Karen's comment about going to the open house.

This also may be a good opportunity to point out that the CFJC Newsroom recently took home seven (7) awards from the BC Radio-Television News Directors' Association, including three (3) national awards. I thought readers of your blog might find that interesting.

Arjun Singh

Hello James, thanks for providing a bit of background behind your story. I trust you will, over time, provide a balanced picture on this issue. Congrats to you and all the CFJC news people on your awards!


What were the rewards? Best reality tv show in primetime? Best special series from a small market station? C'mon.

Who was the competition, what were the criteria? et al.

James your a journalist, you probably should have done your 5 Ws.

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