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August 04, 2009


Christopher Foulds

Actually, Arjun, I was merely pointing out what I saw as a contradiction in your comments at council back in January 2007. When council voted to spend an initial $25,000 to draw up plans for a Spirit Square, the decision came immediately after you, quite properly, pointed out the fiscal constraints under which the city sat.
“We really have to look at the value of our taxpayers’ dollars,” you said. “My view is that we are in a budget crunch now, and we’re going to be in a budget crunch going forward.”
And I, through my column, was simply arguing that spending tens of thousands of dollars on a Sprit Square, when the city was (and remains) in heavy debt, was hardly prudent.
I stand by that opinion.
But complicating the issue was the fact the parallel People's Fountain issue was getting mixed up with the Spirit Square initiative, with nobody really knowing where one began and the other ended.
Yes, the Spirit Square in North Kamloops is nice, but is it necessary?

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