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February 13, 2010



Hi Arjun,

I agree that we all need to pay attention to the facts and make up our own minds. I still don't know where I stand on the issue, but I'm leaning towards "who cares?" The scientific evidence I've seen so far has me less than concerned. That doesn't make me a supporter of the project, I just don't want to make up my mind based on scare tactics. I'd rather wait until I can see some scientific evidence from both sides before making up my mind.

I also think Mel might be a supporter of the ACC project. If he was still a politician I'd say I wish he'd be more transparent but as a newspaper editor I'm going to come down on the "who cares" side of things again.

Hmm. On re-reading what I wrote I am interested to note that I am one helluva lot less passionate about politics than I used to be. I think a few years ago I would have jumped on the Save Kamloops bandwagon without looking to see where it was headed.

Arjun Singh

Hi Bevin - I so appreciate your example of not blindly taking a stance. I think waiting until you can have a look at scientific information or at least information based on science is really wise. I suspect both pro and con have respectable points to make on this plant. I think you are actually exhibiting what politics should be. There should be passion, but reason as well.

Mel Rothenburger

The reason I haven't come out clearly on one side or the other is that I figure my opinion should be based on something other than uninformed assumptions. I will say that the more I learn — and I learn something new about this project and this technology every day — the more I lean toward supporting it.

As of today, I'm of the opinion that the technology works. And if the science is sound, ACC has a right to be here. That's just fair, and I believe Kamloops is a fair city. I hear a lot of people now saying, "I don't care about the science." That sounds very much like someone who jumped to a hasty conclusion and now doesn't want to admit it.

Arjun Singh

Mel, be interested in your thoughts about the presentations from scientists who have expressed doubts about ACC's proposal - particularly Douw Steyn from UBC.

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