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September 04, 2012


Mike Marshall

I appreciate your taking the position you have Arjun - it makes sense to me. But it seems to me that Mayor & Council could be more vocal or perseverant in pursuing answers to some pressing questions that citizens have been unable to get answered - ie) soil assays to confirm of deny the presence of merucry or arsnic in the rock to be mined, the presence of aquafiers on or near the mine site, etc. Unless the public gets answers, it is unable to make an informed decision. And it seems to this member of the public, that AJAX is less than forthcoming about much.


Mike Marshall

Dave Verhoeff

I agree with Mike and I appreciate that you have at least stated your reasoning for not taking sides (yet), however as an elected official I think it is imperative that you do make a decision and that you state your position clearly. You are a representative of the people that voted you in, and if you no longer represent their views they have a right to know.

Jean Humphreys

hoping to garner more votes in the future by staying neutral?

Kathy Adams

When will City Council step in and make decisions on how they stand? When it's too late? Oh, but then I guess your political career is safe no matter what happens to our beautiful city. After the damage is done it will be too late. City Council is taking a pretty big gamble and the stakes couldn't be any higher, our city.


It's very frustrating to think you have people in office that represent you, only to find out they are staying silent on issues and/or not representing your voice. I always thought Arjun was environmentally minded. I've told my family living in Kamloops that he is (I live in Kelowna). I just wish he would come out and say it. The environmental movement needs more leaders.

Arjun Singh

I respect the last few comments. I personally believe that I don't have the necessary information to make a good decision. That information should be available by the end of the year-ish. There is still a lot of time to take stands. I don't think staying neutral is about garnering more votes, its a thought I have because I wonder if council should wade into such a decisive issue where council does not have final decisionmaking authority.

Thanks for all the comments. Thank you Mike, Dave, Jean, Kathy, and peacetrainann.


With all due respect, Arjun, we do have enough information to take a stand. Please, if you have not done so, drive up to the ore stockpiles at HVC and then set your odometer, drive 1.25 km away and just sit and think for a minute about your vision for Kamloops. And your responsibility to the citizens who elected you (me included).

At the very least, consider how many of us will no longer want to live here if this mine is approved. It is inconsistent with my vision of the community where I grew up and where I choose to live/work/play. Consider that some of us feel undervalued and betrayed by your silence on this issue.

While you are thinking, please consider that you (and the others on former city councils) could/should have anticipated that this would happen at some point. It has been pointed out to me that the local politicians were aware of the exploration work long before the citizens were paying attention. Why in the world did you plan the major growth in the southwest sector with this knowledge?

Please consider that you could have planned the city differently in anticipation of the the incompatible land use that a large open pit mine and a residential neighbourhood represent. Collectively, you and the other council members could have chosen not to develop the southwest sector in the way that it has been developed. Now that the conflict that could have been anticipated has manifested itself, the current council's message to residents appears to be, you are on your own. It is not our decision.

Please consider standing up for the citizens who want to continue living in Kamloops, who love and have invested their whole life savings in their homes, and who wanted to live next to ALR land - not an open pit mine! We voted for you, put our trust in you and expect you to stand up for us.

Did you know that Ajax is not planning to even try to study the image of Kamloops and the impact this will have on our image? That is considered too hard to measure. And yet, that is probably the thing that will have the greatest influence on the future of our city.

Social license matters. Council has a strong influence on this process as your support (or implied support through silence) will be taken as an indication of social license. If the council is opposed that will be taken into account as an indicator that they do not have a social license to proceed. Please don't sit on the fence. This is not about the environmental review - it is about our current citizens, our image and our city's future. It is, at it's heart, about vision and image and a plan for our future.


Cara Humphreys

Alistair Morris

Well said, Cara, well said!


Hi Arjun,

FYI: It was pointed out to me that "Stop Ajax" put my post on their facebook page. Looks like it got 75 "likes". http://www.facebook.com/stopajaxmine?ref=stream

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