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March 05, 2013


Drew Stainton

I like both of these changes. One thing that concerns me, and is often overlooked, is the usability of the ticket machines. The hospital ticket machines, for instance, are so un-intuitive that at various times in the past a person has had to be available to assist people (that was the case a couple of years ago when I was last there). The TCC machines, on the other hand, are extremely easy to use (albeit without taking payments). I hope some provisions are put into the contract documents to ensure a smooth user experience is required.

Guillaume VanderEst

In all honesty, I'm okay with all these changes-- but I hope that the implementations are forward-thinking and aimed at the future.

For example, having to go to machine to park downtown is great for people who are used to "going to a machine," but for someone like me who is in the tech industry, I hope that there will be a phone app letting me simply pay using my pre-setup-account linked to my credit card.. so that all I have to do is select stall 3 for two hours.

After all, that's what this machine is basically doing.

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