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September 01, 2014



You have done a fabulous job on city council for the residents of Kamloops. Loved the fact that you bothered to visit citizens over and above the period leading up to the last city election. You have indeed worked on bringing the team approach to the city council. No problems with saving the city money. I still think that more needs to be done to lessen the amount of red tape that builders and business people have to go through in the city. In regard to city infrastructure, we need to do more about roads and the opening of roads, i.e. Copperhead and Pacific Way. Let's move quickly on the opening of Aberdeen Drive and Copperhead (in Kamplan) Lastly, after watching several council meetings (because as you know I have had the time) you need to be a little more engaged. Overall, well done, hope to meet you on the hustings.

Arjun Singh

Hi Lawrence! Thanks for your support, hugely appreciated. I would like to explore the issues of red tape and opening roads with you. I just met with someone today who shared similar concerns about navigating procedures and protocol at city hall. I don't run into this type of concern often, but anytime someone has these issues, I think its important to see what we could do to make it a better experience. I know we have had some conversation in the past about road issues and I would like to better understand your thoughts and concerns.

I am curious as to your feelings I need to be a little more engaged in council meetings. I would love to get some advice from you as to what I could do here. I don't watch the council recordings too often.

My general rule is that I talk to the really important items on the agenda, and that I try to measure my comments so that what I do raise has more chance to be heard and considered favourably. I do quite a bit of behind the scenes work for folks as well.

Lawrence Beaton

Yes, I believe that it is important to know what each councillor thinks about the topic at hand. All council members should be actively involved. It is interesting to note that some of our council members just sit, and listen and do very little. Any time you would like to talk about roads, I would love to do so.

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