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December 20, 2015



Thanks for bringing some awareness to EVs, Arjun! I absolutely loved my little Smart for bombing around town. Re the range issue, as you say, most people don't need anything near the full range in a given day, as long as they stay in town for work, etc. Given the high number of families in Kamloops with more than one vehicle, EVs are a great choice as the primary vehicle, with the gas car reserved for out-of-town. We did that, and it worked well for us.

Brock Nanson

Range anxiety quickly disappears as you get to know your car. For most people, even the 'minimal' range of a Leaf is more than adequate for typical daily driving habits. If you need to go further, you can either plan a few stops for charging or rent a gas/diesel vehicle for the trip. When you do the cost analysis of owning a regular ICE (internal combustion engine) car, you'll realize that the savings of the electric more than compensate for the cost of the odd rental once in a while. Or you can buck up for a Tesla and not worry about range.

I was admittedly apprehensive at committing to an electric. However, 7 months and 28,000 km later, I have no regrets and in fact absolutely DREAD the thought of ever going back to ICE.

Don Arney

I live on Salt Spring Island and own a Tesla Model S.
Salt Spring is the EV capital of Canada. We now have 63 electric cars here. FYI most of them are used Leafs purchased from the company below which imports from the US at significant savings:
Motorize Auto Direct Inc.
2031 Malaview Ave W #203, Sidney, BC V8L 5X6
Cameron Wall
Operations & Sales Manager
Office: 250-655-3534
Cell: 250-508-5859
Sells used Nissan Leafs from US.

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