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January 24, 2016



Thanks for being willing to try and get through the 18,000 pages of material. As I've been slowly working my way though it, I've noticed more of the things that were not included such as a study on the economic impact of other professionals potentially leaving if the mine goes ahead. I already have one physician friend who has moved mostly due to the threat of the mine. They also have nothing on the mental health / stress impacts that they have already caused within our community. To get an idea of how serious this can be have a look at Malartic Quebec.

I also found it interesting to note that they had two versions of "Not significant". Their definition of "Not Significant (moderate)" is:

"Residual effects have medium magnitude; have local, watershed, or regional geographic extent; are short-term to chronic (i.e., may persist into the far future); and occur at all frequencies. Residual effects on the VC may be distinguishable at the population, community, and/or ecosystem level. The ability to meet land and resource management plan objectives may be impaired".

Redefining the words "not significant" allows them to say that most of their effects will be "not significant", even though they may very well be very significant to those affected.

After all, they say there will not be a significant impact on property values, yet two realtors who are for the mine (and also strangely enough said they had seen no impact on property values) have said they have had clients who didn't want to live in the vicinity of the mine. If you have clients who don't want to live near it, it's simple supply and demand economics to understand that property values have already been affected.

It's just as important to look as what's not included as what is, and to read it knowing that Ajax is understandably going to put everything in the best light possible for them, not the best for our community.


Arjun, we certainly look forward to your recommendation on Ajax.

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